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-by-case basis. we spoke to one couple who adopted children and today dozens more arrived in the united states. the latest from jonathan hunt and the assistant secretary of state joins us live in 2 1/2 minutes. Ășn >> shepard: more from haiti and a update on a story we've been following, a orphanage with over 100 children, some waiting for adopt active parents in the united states are hungry and dehydrated. jonathan hunt has been reporting from the orphanage in port-au-prince and is live with the latest. hi, jonathan. >> reporter: shep, we got word about two hours ago there may be looters targeting this orphanage, the house of the children of god we reported from extensively over the last couple days. we rushed down to see if that was true. i'm happy to report it's not. the 135 babies and children here are all safe. for now. they still have know protection. there are still no haitian cops stationed outside this orphanage. in fact there are very few cops on the streets of port-au-prince at all, another sign of the almost total collapse of the haitian government. all three branches of the govern
president obama restored the united states prestige or damaged it with apologies? listen. (cheers) >> i will restore our moral standing so america is once again that last best hope for all who are called to the cause of freedom. >> president obama em barks on the first european swing focused on the languishing glowing economy. >> if you look at the source of this crisis the united states certainly has some accounting to do with respect to a regulatory system that was inadequate, the massive changes that have taken place in the global financial system. >> after already apoll guysing for sending the global recession partially in motion the president also apologized for america looking down on europe. >> in america there's a failure to appreciate europe's leading role in the world. instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges there have been times where america has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derissive. >> can i ask you whether you prescribe as many of the predecessors have to the school of american exceptionalism that se
into this al qaeda narrative that says that islam -- the united states is at war with islam. we have to be very careful. it's that narrative that feeds the ranks and builds the ranks of al qaeda. >> reporter: this afternoon, the council on american/islamic relations said the new guidelines amount to racial profiling, though the tsa says the majority of all travelers come to the u.s. will get enhanced screening, not just those from the 14 countries named. wolf? >> do you get the sense this is just the latest step that more are on the way? >> this is definitely an evolutionary process. they want to take some steps immediately. there will be reevaluations, new intelligence that come in, and things will change, i'm sure. >> thank you, jeanne. >>> let's get to the white house where the terror threat is the president's most urgent priority. he's back from vacation. our dan lothian is standing by. dan, the president is getting some high-level briefings today, getting ready for a full-scale meeting with his top advisers tomorrow? >> reporter: he is, wolf. first of all, the president getting an update f
. >> bugging the new orleans office of a united states senator? what in heavens name do they think they'll pick up in one of these ridiculous offices? it's not even in washington, d.c. >> what was liddy trying to find out back in 1972? you had the same reaction then. >> why would you bug the democratic national committee? they all blab their heads off to everybody in sight. it's ridiculous. butly say this, look, we're hearing from david. we hope the right wing covers this. i'm sure the right wing will give this a little more coverage than the left wing gave the a.c.o.r.n. scandal. >> we covered that, pat. >> listen, i tell you, there was an office if they were going to bug, if they were going to continue with the theme they started with, it should be david vitter. you go after somebody down in louisiana who has a known problem using phones, particularly, then you go after david vitter. >> people are getting in the spirit. everybody's watching this picture of this guy with his pretend prostitute. here we go. listen to this. a conservative activist who posed as a pimp to target the community orga
they are doing with it 1/6 of the united states' economy giving away not just hundreds of millions, giving away billions year after year to get this mismatched awful piece of legislation through the senate. outrageous. >> sean: what the political consequences? who pays a price for this? >> i think about 2006 the republicans made the mistake of thinking that earmarks weren't going to be a big deal. remember that they passed it over? we had the bridge to nowhere. this is a bill to nowhere because it doesn't get you where you want to be, i coined it. any way, it doesn't get them where they want to be. even speaker pelosi took a shot at the president saying this isn't the bill we thought we were going to get she is going to pass it through any way. >> it is so naked. it is so obvious what is going on. you can't pull the wool over the people's eyes. they noah is going on and who is -- they know what is going on and who is going to pay. >> sean: republicans were up nine points as we begin the new year. we see the president's approval ratings. does this translate into a massive political landslide in
, is multinational and not solely the united states of america. >> neil: very well put. secretary ridge, very good to see you. >> good talking with you. thank you. >> it's not just the elderly hurting from the disaster in port-au-prince right now. jonathan hunt is at an orphanage where the struggle with simply to get out. >> reporter: neil this is a desperate situation here at the house of the children of god orphanage. we first came here yesterday, first reported on the desperate situation, 26 babies in the back of a truck. their only home, their only shelter. no form larks nothing. they were giving them regular milk which causes diarrhea in young children. that adds to the danger of dehydration. there in all 135 children here. this is the ridiculous thing. listen to this, 120 of them have already been legally adopted by united states families. families right across america. this girl, for instance, i have lynn, this one here, she's been adopted by a family in nebraska. bilu has been adopted by kim harmon, the harmon family in texas. all they need to get out of here, neil, is a yes from the state
by terrorists against the united states. it disturbs me a little when i think that we are too eager to say there's no longer a war on terror because we're no longer at war with terrorists. i believe we are at war with terrorists. i believe they continue to declare war against us and continue to train for it. they continue to implement terrorist schemes, whether it be in the middle east or attempt to carry the schemes out in the united states. i think we should understand that. if we do, we maximize the effort we put into intelligence and gathering information that can disrupt them and we adopt policies that don't assist them, don't expose what we know to them, because every time we increase what we share with the terrorists through our information that we hand out in the world generally, it makes the terrorists a bit more capable. >> neil: we are learning, general, speaking to you at the detroit metro airport, authorities are questioning three to five passengers from saudi arabia about this incident. there's a connection beyond what we fear and again, on a flight coming from abroad here, what do
. >>> the president of lynn university is demanding the united states do more to find the university's missing students and faculty. courtney hayes, britney, and they are sending a letter urging the government to find each american. the president of the university spoke about this yesterday. >> i join the families of the missing six contain a call of the whereabouts of the missing, the missing family member whether alive or dead must be returned to their loved ones. >> we spoke to the parents of the missing students early this week. they are also begging the government to step up the effort. president obama father to father, please send troops to the hotel montana. >> that man is len gengel, father of brittany and joins us by phone. len, your daughter's 20th birthday yesterday. i can't even imagine how difficult that was but how are you holding up? >> we're holding up, david. i want to thank you personally for getting that story out there. you folks have been wonderful. the american people need to understand this isn't just about the six missing lynn university people. this is -- there's 100 a
in the united states, but in proximity to the world. we are watching to see how the president handles a major humanitarian crisis. haiti is an independent nation. this is president obama's relief operation in the moment. as the u.s. is taking the lead right now, secretary of state clintons was there yesterday. we will talk to the agency for international development, dr. raj shaw. we will talk to the u.s. military commander on the ground, general p.k. keen. we will talk about if the logistics are better, and more food and medical supplies and what is needed in the next few days. >> you know, john, a lot of people watching it play out on television feel so helpless. they want to do something but don't know how. yesterday the president tapped two former presidents to help him with fund-raising. how will that work? >> it's an interesting thing. i covered the white house for a long time and i was over there yesterday. when you see the concern the president of the united states step out of the oval office with two former presidents of the united states, it reminds you of the gravity of the moment,
in the united states saying he's not guilty. this hour the dramatic scene inside the courtroom as he entered his plea and what comes next. >>> some muslim women say they're being stopped, searchened and even beating an airports sincely because they're wearing head scarves. is it part of the government's official policy? what's going on? >>> the republican national commit aye chairman under fire by members of his own party. they say michael steele needs to muzzle himself. >>> i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." >>> his mug shot has been plastered all over the air waves and internet for weeks. today reporters got a better look at umar farouk abdulmutallab, the man charged with transcribing to blow up a u.s. airliner on christmas. our deborah feyerick was inside the courtroom when he entered the plea. she's joining us live from droimt. describe, deb, what happened. >> reporter: wolf, abdulmutallab walked in very, remember he's suffering lap burns have been detonated the bomb that was hidden in his underwear. he was wearing a white t-shirt and khaki pants, sneakers, his feet were shack
while we understand politically why the vice president is saying it, i am certain that the united states court of appeals for the district of columbia will affirm the dismissal of those case against the blackwater employees. >> really? i think richard is now with us. richard, weigh in on this. do you agree with that? >> i agree it's politically motivated, fred. put it in perspective, here's united states government decided to appeal the united states' government decision against the misconduct, a penalty imposed by the trial judge to dismiss the case. look, the government is appealing the government's prosecutorial misconduct. just great. >> talk about john edwards. interesting legal woes for him. it really gets complicated. doesn't it? you know already there's a grand jury case or investigation, but might this now be broadened out now that he's admitting to this affair, admitting that he's the father of a child. he has not admitted to the allegations of misuse of campaign funds, which is really at the core of all of this, but i wonder, avery, does the plot thicken because there are his
while rescue and relief efforts are under way. the united states embassy in haiti is working around the clock to locate american citizens, believed to be in the country. a travel alert is in effect until march 13th. now, we have a little bit of an update here, savannah, from the white house. the president received two briefings this morning at 7:15. one was an update from the dhs, the homeland security department's national operation center, and then he got a memo from the national security adviser, which described just what they have learned so far. i know one thing, savannah, that they're hoping to do is get, now that daylight has broken, is get an aerial view of the devastation in and around port-au-prince so they can get at least some idea of what they're dealing with, since they don't have a lot of information from on the ground reports just yet, savannah. >> yeah. i mean, communications are basically nonexistent, so it's really hard to get a handle on what's needed, but suffice it to say, a lot of help is needed and we're told u.s. relief efforts are already under way to get t
operation is being done mostly by the united states, by the u.n., by the other foreign and international forces who have been coming here, but everybody is careful to say that it's done in coordination and at the behest of the haitian government. >> christiane, thanks very much. this important programming note. christiane's program will be lived from port-au-prince this sunday, 2:00 p.m. eastern. american donations to earthquake relieved now have topped $355 million, our brian todd has been tracking the flow of aid and the rescue efforts. he found himself at the center of an attempt to save a dying boy's life. >> reporter: those who run critical aid through this airport stung by complaints that supplies aren't touching down when they should, not getting off the tarmac fast enough now say they have streamlined the operation. >> the aid is flowing in, not only from the united states government and the united states military, but all around the world. >> reporter: officials say up to 160 flights a day are coming through, compared with about 25 just after the earthquake, but this is also whe
.s. passport. >> yes. >> reporter: and you've made this trip between the united states and nigeria many, many times? >> yes. about 20 times. >> reporter: really. dating back how far? >> 1995. >> reporter: this is emmanuel's boarding pass from the flight on christmas day, flight 253. >> as the pilot announced the descent into the detroit area, this sound. >> reporter: five rose directly in front of him an explosive device ignites. >> people started screaming, oh, there's smoke, there's smoke. >> reporter: the plane lands and what goes through your mind. >> i just expressed to god thank you for my life. >> reporter: alive, but soon under scrutiny. his name and travel records flash red flags to government officials on the ground. cnn learned emmanuel was tracked in a massive database called taks. >> they were picking some people at random for questioning. >> reporter: did they ever say that you were part of a government database that tracks people when they fly? >> not at all, not at all. >> reporter: the government database houses everything from immigration violations and criminal records to w
a chance to pick up four to six seats in the united states senate. i now think the republicans have a chance to pick up between five and eight seats. they've already picked up two. they've picked up massachusetts and then i gotta tell you if there's a candidate poised for victory it's replacing dorgan. we lead in five other seas in the senate. this could be an earthquake this fall. i'm sort of cautious about these things but it is looking like rather rather than taking 20, 22 house seats we could take more. >> sean: the question i've been asking everybody this week, give bill clinton credit he will be shocked if he is watching to hear me say that he did pivot. he did change. he did move the era of big government is over. the end of welfare as we know it. there's been no evidence that i have seen in barack obama's past or this first year in office that shows any signs of moderation. do you think co-pivot, change, moderate, move to the right, move to the center? do you see him capable of it? >> yeah, look any president can sort of gauge the situation. people get elected president gene
, it has been known about for a long time and neither the united states nor the u.n. nor anyone else has tried to make aid conditional on adopting the policies and i don't think we have any alternative going forward for the benefit of the people of haiti themselves. >> eric: with ban ki-moon on his way, he says we shouldn't waste one dollar of aid, clearly that is on his mind and there is a major task ahead of us for the union and the world. we're just at the beginning. ambassador john bolton, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> jamie: let's move on to health care. congressional democrats are working hard to nail done a final health care reform bill securing the support of organized labor this past week, how did they do it? gave a five year tax exemption on expensive health plans. analysts say this move blows a $60 billion hole in the plan. they'll have to make up this money someplace else. how is congress going to do that and will the money come from your pocket? joining me now, republican senator from louisiana, david vitter. thank you so much for being with you, se
that have fallen altogether. so what we have here are -- there are several crews from the united states, three crews that have been working their way to haiti, getting there as fast as they could along with equipment to lift up these massive slabs of concrete. we can take it again from the top. what we're seeing here is this group from fairfax. let's listen into it. [ applause ] >> reporter: you can see here basically what's happening is we knew there were people and there still are, people who have been trapped under rubble. the u.n. said it could have been one of the worst days in its history in recent years. obviously there are a lot of lives at stake right there. it's not the kind of thing that people just on their own can come along and pull up the stuff. you need the power and the equipment to lift up the concrete that's there. so we have this group now from fairfax. you're well familiar with them. as we can see they have managed to rescue one person. we also know there are other crews on the way to various sites in haiti, including the u.n. headquarters and their goal there is to
the full support of the united states and the urgent effort to help those trapped beneath the rubble and to help with the humanitarian relief. in that effort, our government is specially usaid and the departments of state and offense are working closely together and with our partners are haiti, the region, and around the world. >> this is the worst earthquake to hit haiti in 200 years. joining me now from the state department is spokesman p.j. crowley. i'm sure americans are wondering if there's going to be international help here. what kind of communication has taken place between the state department and other countries in this massive relief effort? >> well, support for haiti is already an international effort with the united nations and assets from a number of countries. the united states and others will continue to flow systems to haiti. as rapidly as we can get it there for the united states we have put on the ground an assessment team, what are the priorities as we move through the next couple of days. as the president has said, our usaid administrator said, our focus is savin
the united states knows pull well that there are two al-queda training camps, major ones in yemen, one in sanaway to the middle of the west of the country, the other in abyan province in the south. we know where they are. we watch them with our satellites but cannot actually launch missile strikes against them because al-queda keeps a lot of civilians around. >> we know of two al-queda camps and there's nothing we can do about them. >> we watch them every hour of every day but there are civilians. it's difficult for us to go in because of the backlash caused if we wiped out hundreds of innocent civilians in that kind of attack. that's why they keep them there. >> you happen to remember the uss cole, right. >> yes. >> and a guy who got help from yemen, presumably organized yemen to blow a plane out of our air and we can't take out their training camp. >> that's an argument a lot of people -- >> welcome to america's nightmare. >> exactly. civilian casualties. have to worry about collateral damage because of the backlash. if you go in, wipe out those training camps, all you do, if you cau
. >> the people of haiti will have the full support of the united states in the urgent effort to rescue those trapped beneath the rubble. and to deliver the humanitarian relief, the food, water, and medicine that haitians will need in the coming days. >> by dawn, the president received three briefings on the earthquake. by mid-morning he placed coordination for relief efforts the head of the u.s. agency for international development. >> it's a significant effort and we're committed to doing everything we can. >> with the government buildings in haiti destroyed and a frantic search for survivors underway, the u.s. accounted for all 172 embassy employees. eight americans were wounded, four critically, who are now receiving treatment after being airlifted off the island. the next task assess the needs of 45,000 u.s. citizens living and working in haiti. the damage assessment teams and rescue squads arrived late today. the immediate u.s. goals reopen the airport and the ports vital to moving supplies in and refugees out. in a phone interview with fox, humanitarian aid worker described the quake's
, glad to have you. i want to pass along indications the president of the united states heard the uproar in massachusetts and what it could mean going forward. we're getting late word he's going to talk up tax credits for the sandwich generation, those earning $85,000 or less caring for ill parents and raising kids at the same time. a new g hear your concerns and i am responding to your concerns. all this on the same day we had so much news, the federal reserve keeping interest unchanged but there was some resistance. a key member saying no, i think we should raise rates. inflation is a bugaboo. a hot new product introduced by apple. we're not going to get into the mechanics of it but at $499 a pop and apparently reorders and interest in this running into the tens of thousands, potentially millions of interested customers t the economy is to bad, do these guys behind my have to do so much in all that in the busy hour. so glad to have you with us and the next two together with us. normally i get one or the other. now i have both. like a could youdy gra. fred thompson and his far better ha
in criminal court inside the united states. we're going to have a huge expense no matter whether it's in lower manhattan or some place else. >> bill: enormous state expense because the supreme court has ruled. >> unnecessary. the military tribunals. >> bill: says the military can handle. this right. >> bill: here is my question. is this going to damage president obama further or is it enough to say, wow, we'll find another place? >> bill, look, the longer this goes on, the more the american people say why are we doing this? unnecessary, expensive. gives the terrorist what is they want which is big gigantic public platform to attack the united states of america. the longer it goes on, the worse it is for the country and the worse it is for the administration. >> bill: i do think that the media is consciously underreporting this story tonight. i don't think you will see it on many other broadcasts. president obama out today trying to convince republicans to cooperate with him. that was one of his themes in the state of the union address that the republicans are the party of no. here is what mr.
, on that plane and they don't know exactly where in the united states with you they're going to the states and that's the point. could you go over here a little bit, please? here we have more search and rescue teams and a boatload of cargo planes from other countries who are still doing yeoman's work. they're unleading. you see right there, are you able to see the search dogs? the canines in the crates will be moving out as well. and you see the port-a-johns, that's an important point because as the search and rescue teams go out, they'll be out and some of them are in an alpha bravo day and night sort of schedule and when they have to go, they got to go so they can keep working, this is important work takes place here, the search, the rescues continue, but you have to remember that 48, 72 hour window of time is eclipsing and the search and rescue teams, although the hours have gone by, they still go out and i'm told they're working as feverishly as they possibly can. they've had great stories and tragedies, but they're pushing on, back to you. >> brian: orlando salinas is on the job at t
of representing the people of connecticut and the united states congress, will not be a candidate for re-election. >> reporter: senator dodd's decision comes as one-third nutmeg state voters would back him, largely because of controversy over the financial dealings. critics claim he got two preferential mortgages from countrywide financial but he denied the special treatment. and voters were angered by the stimulus bill that helped aig executives get millions in bonus. he received more campaign contributions from aig than any other politicians. he alluded to it only briefly. >> there are some of you questioning my confidence. i regret that. >> reporter: the state's popular attorney general richard blumenthal announced he is running for dodd's seat. >> i look forward to being an advocate and fighter of the united states senator. much as i have been at attorney general. >> simmons was leading dodd in the polls and linda mcmahon has vowed to spend $30 million on the race. state republicans say dodd lost touch. >> he lost the trust of the connecticut voters. >> well dodd says he will continu
so all the orphans who don't have adoptive homes can be sent to the united states. sdpl >> larry: we're going to be talking with two adoptive parents in just a moment. where are the children now, ed? >> they're in two of the greatest hospitals in the country, getting treated. some fevers, some infections, a tremendous number of dehigh drag drags, but the kids are going to be fine. the kids who were adopted, their parents have been notified, and the other seven or eight will be put up for adoption. >> governor, this may be the very best thing you've done. >> it was the most fun. i didn't have a seat on the c-17 because we didn't have enough seats. i was sitting on some boxes. i looked down, and you know the c-17s are huge. you can fit four or five tanks in them. when i saw these little kids strapped in against the wall of the c-17, never been on a plane before, larry, they were laughing, they weren't scared by the loud noises. these are great kids. i tell you, it was a great feeling for all of us involved. i haven't slept since sunday, and let me tell you, i'm pumped. i'm pumped. >> l
of the united states from 2007 to 2009. he joins me now. judge mukasey, welcome. >> good to be here, paul. >> you wrote this week that you don't think that abuell umar farouk abdulmutallab should have been charged in criminal court. >> the principal question is timing not where he ultimately wound up, it's secondary, but he should have been taken designated an unlawful enemy cot b bah-- combatant. or a belligerent-- >> sounds like a new yorker. >> and intent on intelligence gathering, he knew who put him on the plane and mixed up the stuff that he had in his underpants and he knew who had trained, radicalized him and so forth. he had a wealth of information weeks' never going toware about that and we're certainly not going to hair about it in a timely way and the failure to do that i think was major, major gaffe. >> paul: the argument from the administration, if he was named an enemy combatant he would have the right under a supreme court hearing to have an habesa hearing and could he be released. >> an habeas could only challenge the confinement. given the fact he was apprehended with a
and cannot fly into the united states. since the detroit attack, the white house has ordered a review. sources say the national counterterrorism center has now sent hundreds of new names to the f.b.i. and the f.b.i. has upgraded hundreds of names from the master watch list to the selectee category. but for intelligence officials, it's a daunting challenge, trying to identify the true terrorists among a mass of suspects. >> there isn't a magic formula or a magic google program that will spew out a defined list of bad people. there has to be a human component here, and there's judgment at play and that judgment can be faulty. and we saw that in this recent case of abdulmutallab. >> reporter: now, officials say no watch list is perfect, but as a first line of defense, it has to be better than it was on christmas day. katie? >> couric: bob orr in washington. thanks, bob. turning to the economy now, the experts had been hoping, even expecting, that the latest jobs report today would show at least some improvement. but it didn't. the labor department said the unemployment rate held at 10% i
want the government to realize the message a that they are sending to every other united states citizen. when these kids come and they want to do mission programs and they go to their parents and say mom, dad, i want to reach out. i want to help across the world. i think that there's a real good chance here that the parents are going to say no way. look at what happened to those lynn university students. never came home. and nobody went there to help and we didn't give it our all. i think it is going to have a long-term effect on the state of our humanitarian missions in the future. >> john, i wonder if you might tell bus christine and how you imagine she is holding up and what she is thinking now. >> christine is a survivor. i think they are holding up fine. they know they are going to get saved. you know, all of these girls, you know, they are givers. they chose to go haiti. this was -- they could have done anything on this. they wanted to go. you know, they know they are coming home. we know they are coming home. we just need, as everyone said, we need the government to take over the
. and today i am announcing that the united states government will appeal this decision. our justice department will file that appeal from the judges' decision next week. >> and the vice president also discussed the upcoming iraqi elections. more than 500 iraqi candidates might be banned from the march race because of past links to the outlawed political party of saddam hussein. >>> americans have opened their wallets and their hearts to help haitians with donations to the red cross, to unicef, wyclef jean's charity and many, many other charities. but how much of your donation actually goes to those in need of the money most? we'll show you these three people here. they donated to three charities. and guess what, we're going to break down their dollars, where their money is going coming up. you want to know. big nighttime breathing relief... introduces-- drum roll please-- new breathe right extra. the only strip with an extra spring-like band, it's 50% stronger for congested noses that need extra help in opening nasal passages... so you breathe even better. and now get two free sampl
the al-qaeda in the arabian pen lanes and what its future may be in the united states and the letter reads in part it appears the decision not to thoroughly interrogate abdulmutallab was made by you and other senior officials in the department justice. moreover those with knowledge of this decision have said they are concerned with certain aspects of it without prior approval from your department, so the top senate republican is saying he wants some transparency in this decision, he wants to know who made the decision, the rationale for that decision, and i find it interesting they wants to know why the fbi director apparently is being prevented from discussing it fully with members of congress. jane catherine, i understand you spoke to a former fbi agent who's raising the question what about the quality of this information that abdulmutallab provided? >> reporter: this is the story i've been trying to get at for some time and i think today i've finally been able to. based on what i've heard from my contacts we know that abdulmutallab was severely burned, and i was told that after he
vote in the united states senate. >> what is the next move if you only have 59 senators? >> health care mind be dead. >> sean: voters are choosing who will fill the seat left vacant by the late ted kennedy. >> it's the pooh people's seat. >> -- >> things will wrap up at 8:00 tonight. the polls in massachusetts are closed and the republicans returns are pouring in. scott brown the republican will win the massachusetts special election. >> i just off the phone with scott brown. i've offered him my congratulations. >> this does change everything. >> this in many ways a national referendum. >> an election that will shock the political world and have reverberations all around washington. >> time to end business as usual. >> what happened here in mass mats can happen all over america! -- here in massachusetts, can happen all over america! >> sean: we are one day removed from the shot heard round the world the stunning come from behind victory by republican scott brown in the massachusetts special election. the sweeping victory by the gop in the bluest of blue states no doubt has democrats acr
legally for 18 more months. but any haitian who tries to enter the united states after the earthquake will be sent home no matter how desperate the situation back there might be. >> thank you. to help victim of the earthquake visit, you can access links to donate to the recovery efforts. the pentagon says the warning signs leading up to the fort hood massacre were missed and ignored. up next, huge political stakes in the next week massachusetts senate election. we go there live. rene preval. jean-bertrand aristide. >>> high profile democrats are getting extremely serious and nervous about helping the the candidate win tuesday's special election for the nashz sen massachusetts senate seat held for decades by late ted kindy. molly lines has escalating bat to retain a spot long taken for granted. >> aiming to boost martha coakley's struggling campaign and maintain the critical 60th vote to pass healthcare reform in the senate, president obama heads to massachusetts on sunday, joining fellow democrats in a last-minute barrage pleading for support. he released
with a population of 2 million. joining us now on the phone is the haitian ambassador to the united states raymond joseph. ambassador joseph, thanks for your time tonight. first of all, your reaction to these reports that most of port-au-prince has been destroyed. >> well, i would not be surprised, and i am saddened by it. but even back in 2004 when i was flying in to the capital of haiti, port-au-prince, after 13 years being away, from the air, i saw the kind of buildings that were dotting the hills around port-au-prince willy-nilly. i wrote a piece in which i said port-au-prince is a catastrophe waiting to happen. and it saddens me that this prophetic piece that i wrote back in 2004 has come to a reality today. so i know my country has suffered a lot, and this is an added suffering that we did not need. >> ambassador raymond joseph. ambassador joseph, we're going to ask you to stick around. we're going to take a quick break and get some of the latest information. we'll talk to the ambassador and update all of our viewers of the latest information coming from haiti. just a scene of utter catastro
smaller than the whole united states. this is a big area and there are al qaeda cells springing up in new places. so what do you do about that? >>larry: hoping to do what? >> hoping to, you know, somehow eliminate them, degrade them and defeat them. you know, a giant task. i'm glad it's not mine. >>larry: do you fear them going to do other things in the united states? forget planes, how about shopping centers? ball games? >> exactly. we've talked about this, that you become generals fighting the last war. we're all worried about airline security. you go through an intense scrutiny getting on an airplane, but go on a train or go to a power plant or go to a mall where there are many more people than are on one of these aircraft, and something could happen. now, you can't get on a train in yemen and make it to the united states, so that's a problem for al qaeda, but this is the great question. you can ask the expert. there have been al qaeda cells or al qaeda affiliated individuals in this country operating. >>larry: and watching us tonight now, maybe? >> you know, who knows. that's the prob
? and what might israel do in i'll speak live with the new israeli ambassador here in the united states, michael orrin. >> and explosives are put in a passenger's luggage containment without him knowing. wait until you find out who planted the explosives and why. >>> attention all democrats. there's new reason for political fear. surprise announcements posing more threats to the party's grip on power. (announcer) we understand. you want to grow internationally. >>> jack cafferty is standing by with "the cafferty file." lots of news today. >> indeed. how dare they. democratic leaders have decided to bypass a formal conference committee in order to reconcile the two bills. instead leaders will hold informal -- another word for secret -- negotiations, meant to shut republicans and the public out of the process. what a far cry from the election. when then cant oy 'bama pledged to broadcast health care negotiations on c-span so the american people can see what the choices are, unquote. president obama hasn't even made a token effort to keep his campaign promises of more openness and transpar
, but the need for relief is all too painfully clear as the united states and the world mobilizes to save as many lives as fast as they possibly k.haiti is described as one of the worst places on earth on a good day. now in the wake of a mavis earthquake with no power, no water to drink and a country that had almost no infrastructure to begin with, one of the worst places on earth is in the midst of almost unimaginable suffering. tonight, the very first images of the 7.0 magnitude quake when it struck. cbs news has acquired video of buildings collapsing in haiti's capital city port-au-prince just before 5:00 p.m. eastern time yesterday. and from youtube, unconfirmed video of what appears to be a large dust cloud that settled over the city after the earthquake. very little in port-au-prince was left standing. the large white presidential palace used to look like this. now, what's left of it, looks like this. the parliament building flattened. hospitals, schools, the main prison, entire neighborhoods all gone. the catholic cathedral has been reduced to rubble. the catholic archbish often port-au-pr
, and he was working for them and the united states. it killed seven cia operatives and a jordanian military officer. by all accounts the u.s. and the jordanians thought this man was a trusted agent, because in the past he had given them valuable information that they thought was verified and accurate. but looking at his identity, this man whose name is al-awlaki came from the same place as zarqawi. >> the u.s. must have trusted him because they did not search him at all, and i imagine a lot of that sort of investigation or relationship was built-up even before with the jordanians. i know king abdullah is of course a u.s. ally in the middle east. could this have an impact between the u.s. and jordon? >> the jordanians don't speak about it publicly, but king abdullah and the jordanian government for years helped the united states covertly on the war on terror. they thought the man had information about zawahri, bin laden's number two man. and jordon is a valuable ally to the u.s. this puts king abdullah in a position. he is helping with all of this. but on the other hand he is well t
will be affected by this. >> as of now, all passengers on flights heading into the united states will be subject to random screening, not the mandatory intensive screening that has been in place since christmas day. but those flying in with passports will be required to go through enhanced screening. that could include full-body patdowns, full-body scanning and explosive detection swabs. issued by the transportation security administration and now in effect. the countries include those who are officially listed by the state department as sponsoring terrorism. the other countries were chosen because of concerns particularly about al qaeda affiliates. they are afghanistan, algeria, iraq, lebanon, libya, nigeria, pakistan, saudi arabia, somalia, and yemen. in addition, pilots on inbound flights will have the discretion to prevent passengers from keeping pillows and blankets in their laps and to limit movement in the cabin. >> the president fanned out across the talk shows on sunday to say although there were lapses and errors in sharing intelligence prior to the attempted christmas attack, there is
. republican scott brown is now the united states senator elect from the state of massachusetts. susan, this is your home -- where you lived many years, what do you think? >> it's where i was born and worked for ed brook. you know? maybe i started this. that was my first campaign when he ran for senate. i think there is trouble in river city, you know? i don't think it's good for democrats. and i think in particular what molly is just saying about the trashing of martha coakley. she did a lot of things wrong. curt schilling was wrong. there are terrorists in afghanistan. she should have won. and i think the critical question is what is everybody going to do for tomorrow morning. i know people aren't going to wake up and put more pressure on to get health care passed and this will be interesting to see. >> what is certain she was up 20, more than 20 points in december 19th then, all of a sudden, kaboom you have a deal where ben nelson cuts a deal behind closed doors then a deal where unions cut behind closed doors and get something. suddenly she loses to the republican and so if as any
of haiti. hillary clinton says the u.s. in the process of gathering information. >> the united states is offering our full assistance to haiti and to others in the region. we will be providing both civilian and military disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. >> reporter: the earthquake was also felt in the dominican republican which shares a border with haiti on the island of hispaniola. some panicked residents ran from their shaking homes but no damage was reported there. >> reporter: we're back here live at the fairfax fire and rescue training academy where they are ready to deploy at a moment's notice. with me is the assistant fire chief dare roar. have you been on the missions before and explain to me when you're hearing the reports of what the damage is down there. is there anything like your men have seen before? >> many of the men and women have been on disasters similar to this before, but it sounds like from the reports that we're getting from news media and in side that the devastation is pretty complex and pretty involved there. so our training and experience hopefull
: that's correct, jeff. we've seen the president of the united states twice since this disaster unfolded 48 hours ago, both times outlining the logistical efforts on the part of the united states, military, civilian as well as regular citizens and ngos based in the united states and calling for a compassionate response on the part of the american people outlining any number of times numbers you can call. visit if you're interested in giving any money. after you get over the search and rescue effort over the next 72 hours, both the president and first lady in comments today have said this will take months if not years to rebuild port-au-prince and the surrounding areas as well. $1 million the president says the u.s. will start now towards haiti. he is calling for more and leaves no doubt of the fact that it's going to require much more than that. today he appeared flanked by secretary clinton, by others, admiral mullen, who will be instrumental in this. the president also, from a public relations standpoint had the first lady made comments earlier today at the labor departm
got it. welcome everybody, the president of the united states today all but demanding a new bank tax, a fee payback but who is paying? big financial if i did who took government loans out, automakers and mortgage companies under government control. these gays paid back with interest and are getting hit. these guys paid nothing and won't get hit at all. reaction from donald trump, who is okay with that. good to have you. >> hi, neil. >> what do you make of this? >> when they go to a bank they charge me fees. the problem is the government gave them this money and they won't loan t not only did they get the money, they're not loaning it to the public and you have businesses going down and unemployment so high so as far as i'm concerned, it's fine they're charging fees. they took billions an billions of dollars and they're going to be charged fees. >> a lot of them paid the money back and then some and early and wouldn't it hurt their ability to pay out these loans and help folks if they're paying knew fees on top? >> they weren't doing in anyway. that's the problem. no matter what you h
of haiti that the united states is a friend, a partner and a supporter. and we will work with your government under the direction of president preval to assist in every way we can. >> reporter: in the maze of fferent governments and aid agencies here, clinton says there are some things the united states does best she says they are literally taking a google map to identify 14 distribution points for water and food, and flying in water filtration equipment from all over the world. in an interview with nbc news, she challenged reports that vital aid is sitting at the airport, not getting out. there is a perception and there have been kmrints, reports, of bottlenecks, a lot of aim coming in but not getting out to the people who need it. >> that's just not true. there's aid coming in and getting out. there's just not enough of it yet because we don't have yet the kind of distribution networks or the port open. so everything you see is coming in by air and the airport has one runway. >> reporter: clinton said her first question this week was why not parachute food to the starving people
shutdown. >> if the president of the united states is going to describe the state of the union he has to describe to us why that decision was made. it seems like a totally irresponsible decision. a terrorist who wanted to kill hundreds of people is captured. he's talking and we cut it off. why and who made the decision? some person made that decision. was it at the local level? the national level? was it the president? did they interrupt him on vacation to get him to make the decision? if they didn't interrupt him on vacation, why didn't they interrupt him on vacation? >> sean: as i was watching he seemed angry. it seemed like at one point he almost wanted to recapture that mood of the campaign and expect the chamber to stan and say yes we can, yes we can! did you get that? >> i did. he was flailing about. his attack on the supreme court was unprecedented. soon a presidento that try to embarrass the supreme court. try tomorrow brass the membership. partisans who all up, several leaning nger i happened to have justice's decision here he misstated the decision. >> sean: alito who didn't
. that prompted -- the word got to the rescue teams in here for the united states. and they sent the team over noontime today and they've been here every since. we had a couple of tremors since we've been here in the last few hours. two dogs up that smelled for signs of life. life only -- that was two different dogs, two different times. they hit on a living scent. they started to drill a six-inch-wide hole. they dropped down a camera and they also dropped down some sound equipment. but they didn't hear anything. plus they got those hits. kept digging deeper and deeper with the drill hammer. and then they at 8:00 at night sent another dog up from the l.a. county fire department it got a hit in the same spot. they're digging deeper to see if they can find signs of life of that one employee that might be down there. as amazing as that is, four days after the earthquake hit. and there's another possibility that another employee of another office in this same building might also be down there. we're going to be going -- this particular team will be working until midnight tonight and then they'll b
as a humanitarian assistance and disaster relief mission that's what the united states military is here for. they are here as we all are at the invitation of the haitian government that knows they need help this airport is a perfect example. there's only one runway this is not i deal, thanks goodness it was not damaged if the quake knocked this runway out i don't know where we would be in terms of trying to help. we went to the haitian government. we said we were ready to help. they asked for our help. we negotiated an agreement so the u.s. military could get it open and prioritize the flights in and out. it is a small airport, but we've made it very busy and we've got to be sure people are safe coming in and out. >> greta: we have all these supplies, things like hospitals, we would like to help, does the united states have to work out agreements there? any sort of resistance, if we can help, we are hearing horrible stories? >> the haitians have said we need all the help we can get. it is getting to where the help is needed. setting up a facility, making sure it is well staffed and well equ
wrenching unforgettable stench that marks human death. in the case of haiti, lots of it. the united states seems to be the punching bag for the world most days, we're called everything from imperialists to war mongers and worse, but once again in the face of a horrible human tragedy it's americans who show up first, do the most and expect the least in return. whether it's a tsunami in asia, a famine in africa or an earthquake in pakistan or haiti, the world knows that while the chinese might export cheap consumer products and the saudis might pump oil from the ground and sell it to the world and argentina might ship some beef for the world's marketplace when it comes to a time of human tragedy it's the united states that will export its most precious commodity, its generosity. within hours of the horrific earthquake that hit haiti. americans were pouring record donations into relief organizations like the red cross and salvation army and the united states military dispatched ships, planes and thousands of personnel to the scene. american relief workers lined up to go to haiti and risk deat
a relationship of dominance between the united states and haiti. i guess we should be equals and we are not going to extract anything from the haitian people. we have given heypy $3 billion since 1992. i'm not sure what we have extracted from them. do you know what we extracted from them? >> that is where danny glover makes the most sense. there has been a set of arrangements and circumstances have that driven the haitian people further in poverty. there is internal corruption. much of the money they got from the imf and world bank went to the pockets of pappa doc and baby doc. there was an embargo in the '90s that drove more people into poverty. they they opened up haiti to a gull culture, many hey tan farmers were drive noon po it serrity. poverty. >> bill: if he doesn't want the united states to dominate the nation we can't then tell them whether they can have sweat shops and grow there or that because he doesn't want dominance. look, the bottom line on haiti is this. we have tried. bill clinton, you know, america's first black president, as opposed to the second one. >> but he wasn't
at the sea ports and at the land ports. in the united states. and as well as really beefed up up our communication with state and local law enforcement about things they need to be on the watch for. >> reporter: can you be specific about things you are doing is this. >> we are searched personnel. we have searched examination of cargo and other things that come across the sea ports. >> reporter: the asked the secretary about the decision to screen citizens and travelers from 14 countries linked to terrorism. how does targeting the 14 countries different from profiling? >> well, it's not profiling. it's threat based. >> reporter: isn't profiling often threat based in. >> no, i don't think so. it's stereo typing, assuming because a person is a particular race of religion that they may be bad. this is intelligence that suggests that those who seek to do ill, either in other european countries or to the united states, are threats that have emanated through those countries and to the threat of the united states, extra screening has to be done. >> reporter: let me ask you about body scanner
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